Frequently Asked Questions about residential pool design, construction and renovation in the Hawaiian Islands

Your building department may require a site plan to be submitted with your application for permit along with the swimming pool plans. It must show all property lines, any structures and the proposed swimming pool or spa.  It has to be to scale and dimensioned.  It also has to show other details such as your fence, gates, electric and gas meter location.

Building a gunite pool is a major construction project.  In addition to excavating where your pool will be there also needs to be trenches that go from the pool to the pool equipment, from the pool equipment to the main electrical panel, from the pool equipment to the gas meter and if necessary from the pool equipment to any controller locations.  This often results in the entire yard being dug up.

Traditional pool plaster surfaces are composed of cement and crushed marble fines.  They are smooth by nature and many colors are available through the addition of color pigments.  A pebble type pool finish is an exposed aggregate, meaning there are small rocks embedded in the finish.  Whereas, they provide a beautiful look they tend to be rougher on the feet than a traditional plaster.  The longevity of both of these finishes rest solely on proper water chemistry and can easily last up to 20 years.

The benefits of sealing your pool pavers cannot be underestimated. Sealing them will intensify the colors and help you manage the everyday stains that may occur. This will ensure you can enjoy your pool for years without the need for constant repair and maintenance.

Aquatic Solutions Hawaii specializes in designing and constructing custom inground gunite swimming pools, spas, chemical-free bio pools and more – accented with unique water features, lighting, accents and more. We also restore and redesign existing pools – creating an unbelievable new design that you will truly appreciate.

The first thing to consider is the overall size of your backyard. This assessment will help determine what kind and size of inground swimming pool will be best suited for you and your family. Then there is the style and shape to consider, and this decision is influenced by your lifestyle. Will your custom inground swimming pool be used more for recreation, entertaining or simple relaxation? These issues can be discussed when we meet during your complimentary, in-home consultation.

  • Contact your city or municipality for applicable laws and regulations governing above ground pools – these may include the following:
    • A building permit
    • Safety standards (If required)
    • Utilities (electricity, laws governing when pools can be filled and drained, etc.)
    • Laws regarding fencing and boundaries around a yard with a pool
    • Boundaries of your property
    • Be sure to select a spot that is far from overhead or underground electrical lines and water and natural gas pipes and make sure you’re not putting your pool near any natural water sources

It generally takes up to six to eight weeks to construct an inground swimming pool once the necessary permits are approved. Every custom inground pool that Aquatic Solutions Hawaii creates is unique, so we will provide you with an accurate time estimate after your design is accepted. Always keep in mind that circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or final site inspection, could influence the time of completion.

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Aquatic Solutions Hawaii is always available to answer any questions about the process of building or renovating a residential swimming pool. We service the Hawaiian Island  Just call Steve directly at 702.403.5600 for any advice about your swimming pool project.